Prolific driver download

Prolific driver download

prolific driver download

You can DOWNLOAD THIS UTILITY from Prolific to identify your chip. Also, the PL Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Version Check the driver​. Windows 32 and bit Operating Systems - Prolific PL Driver Fix ​, , , , , 1. Download and Save the "PL_64bit_" at the link below. Download New PL Drivers: Click here to download the new Prolific for the USB to Serial Adapter is: Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port Version ​. prolific driver download

Download Free - Prolific Usb To Serial Comm Port Driver For Windows 10

Feb 12, Hey all, upgraded from win 7 to win 10 and love it, but, my usb to serial adapter driver will not start the port, code Please help if you can.

Please Donate Select Amount Below Prolific USB To Serial Driver 'Code 10' Fix! New Version , 08/05/17 Windows 32 and bit Operating Systems - Prolific PL Driver Fix (VID_B&PID_) For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows and Windows 10! 'This Device cannot start (Code 10)' 'No driver installed for this device' 'Device driver was not successfully installed' The Internet is full of web pages discussing this problem, and hardly anyone really seems to understand why it's happening. Even the companies selling these USB to Serial adapters and cables appear to be either dumbfounded or have selective amnesia. After all, it's absolutely great for business. Unfortunately there are hundreds of legacy devices that can no longer be used on newer computers running Windows 7, 8, , or

There are many 'backyard' fixes out there, but none of them are done properly and if they work it's just a temporary 'Band-Aid' to the problem. It will come back to haunt you. What has happened is that there have been counterfeit 'Prolific' chips coming from China. The counterfeit chips use the same Vendor ID (VID_B) and Product ID (PID_) as the authentic Prolific chips.

So, Prolific made a new chip and dropped all support for the old one thereby rendering the counterfeit chips unusable. Unfortunately, it renders hundreds of legacy devices using the earlier chip inoperative. Getting a working driver installed by the average user is almost impossible. If one of these Prolific drivers gets installed to your Windows bit computer then your legacy device will no longer work and will issue the generic 'Code 10' error. Driver Versions: , , , , , , , , , , *, *, * (*New additions in this version) Or, you may get no error at all, but your device will not work. If your adapter was working prior to going to Windows Update, you may be able to 'roll back' to the previous installed driver and all will be well for awhile. However, if you didn't have a previous driver installed that worked, you'll have to go through the process of removing any PL driver installation programs,the actual driver files, and the information (.INF) files BEFORE you are able to successfully install the correct driver.

What aggravates the issue is that there are many 'Prolific Driver Removal Tools' that do not work properly as well! And Windows 8, , and Window 10 are set by default to automatically update your drivers without your permission or even notifying you of the update. So, no matter how many times you remove the driver files and reboot, the next time you insert the USB-To-Serial adapter, Windows installs the newest non-working version again. Yes, it's frustrating. The best bit driver I have found that works with all the 'Prolific' adapters is old Version Our 'PL Code 10 Fix' program will remove all incompatible drivers, make a change in the registry so that Windows can never update the driver without your permission, and install the Version compatible drivers. Windows bit Fix for: - All Windows bit operating systems including Windows Prolific USB to Serial Adapter OR other using PL H, HX, HXA, HXD, X, XA, EA, RA, SA, TA, TD version Version: Driver Date: 09/29/Supported device ID and product strings:.

VID_B&PID_ for 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port' 1. Download and Save the 'PL_64bit_' at the link below: You can just Save it to your Desktop to make it easier. Norton's won't like it, so to save all the grief of dealing with that beast you might want to disable your anti-virus before running the installer. Unplug all USB-To-Serial adapters and Double click on the installer ''. This file can be deleted later.

The 'PL Code 10 Fix' program will be installed along with a shortcut on your Windows Desktop. Double click on the 'PL Code 10 Fix Shortcut' 5. Plug in one (1) of your USB-To-Serial adapters and click 'Continue'. When it finishes, Reboot your computer. Unplug the adapter and plug back in again. Donations are appreciated.

(Our program is Free for individual use, but cannot be distributed! Theft of intelligent property is a crime.) Trouble Shooting: You must follow ever step in the process precisely.

If you still receive an error after running the 'PL Code 10 Fix' and your device is plugged in, go to the Windows Device Manager. Scroll down to Ports (Com & LPT) and Double-Click on 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM#)'. In the Properties Window, Click on 'Driver'. The 'Driver Version' must say '' dated 09/24/ If not, then the correct driver is not installed. Unplug the USB-To-Serial adapter and run the 'PL Code 10 Fix' again, following the directions precisely until you get it right. Removal: To remove the 'PL Code 10 Fix' from you computer, go to your Control Panel and un-install like any Windows program.

Removing the program will not delete the drivers. The drivers can be deleted in the Device Manager. Windows bit Fix for: - All Windows bit operating systems from XP USB to Serial using PL H/HXA/HX/X version Version: Driver Date: 11/20/Supported device ID and product strings:. VID_B&PID_ for 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port' 1. Download and Save the 'PL_Driver_' program at the link below: You can just Save it to your Desktop to make things easy.

Run the installer program. If it offers a choice to remove the driver, then select to remove the current 'bad' driver. Then run the installer again to install the correct driver. Trouble Shooting: If you still receive an error after running the and your device is plugged in, go to the Windows Device Manager.

Scroll down to Ports (Com & LPT) and Double-click on 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM#)'. In the Properties Window, Click on 'Driver'.

The 'Driver Version' must say '' dated 11/20/ If not, then the correct driver is not installed.

Unplug the USB-To-Serial adapter and run the '' again, following the directions precisely until the correct driver appears in the Device Manager. Removal: The Prolific bit PL_Driver_Installer is a 'Program' file and therefore installed to your computer and must stay. If you want to delete it, use the Windows 'Un-install a Program' or 'Add or Remove Program' feature, however this will also un-install the driver itself. Windows bit Files Direct Install: For XP, Vista, and Windows 7 users that cannot get the driver files installed using the PL_Driver_Installer above, you can also try having Windows install the files directly. Download and run the file 'PLWinexe' installer program from the link below: This will install the driver files in a directory on your hard drive named, 'C: PLWin32'.

Plug in your Prolific USB to Serial adapter, go into Device Manger, and then Scroll down to Ports (Com & LPT) and Double-click on 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM#)', or in some cases, 'Other Device'. Click on 'Update Driver' and then choose to locate the driver on your computer. Click on 'Browse' and direct Windows to the folder 'C: PLWin32' where the files are located and click OK. Windows will copy the files directly into the Driver Store for the system to use.

Next, unplug your Prolific adapter and plug it in again and the driver will be installed from the Driver Store to Windows/System32/Drivers and your device should be working properly. Key words: Sabrent, SBT-USC1M, Prolific, PL, PL, USB to Serial, VID_B, PID_, Code 10 [ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ].

Hi, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community. I would suggest you to run Hardware and device troubleshooter and check if it helps: b. Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting. Click on Hardware and Sound, click on Hardware and Devices. Follow the steps from the wizard to run the troubleshooter. For reference: Install USB and other USB devices Hope this information helps and let us know the status of the issue we will be glad to help you.

Regards, Yaseer. Hi, I'm afraid that there is no solution. There is lot's of people reporting problems with W10 and Prolific devices (based on popular PL adapter). Myself, I've the same problems with scrolling LED Badges, and USB to COM dongles. All this devices use a PL to provide a connection to an USB port, but inside, they are RSlike interface build (and appear as a COM port in your operating system). When you plug the device into USB, it is well recognized by W10 and it try to load the Prolific driver.

This work fine, but looking at the configuration panel, you will then notice that there is an error code 10 and the driver is not working properly. Of course, you can try to manually update the driver at Prolific site: But, look carefully on this page and you will read an important notice in RED: Windows 8//10 are NOT supported in PLHXA and PLX (End Of Life) chip versions. This is clear: if your device is using an old chip version of PL, the drivers not works with W10 (and W8).

As many people, you probably upgrade directly from W7 to W10, and sure, don't know that this problem was already present with W8. It's a shame from Prolific to not support this devices, because they are still used (my LED badges are less than a year old, and use EOL PL HX).

Prolific's guys are fun when they said: ' Prolific recommends to use chip.' Hey, but I can't do that myself!!! I don't want to send my devices to trash because they are too old (less than a year!) to be supported by W

May be, a solution will be to use the old W7 drivers version into W After testing. FOUND THE SOLUTION! Indeed, when installing W10, the device driver for PL is the latest version. You can check it, using the configuration panel: watch the COM and LPT section, you should have the 'Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm (COM X)'. Click on properties, and get the details: the version driver ( or ser2plsys) should be something like but this one doesn't work anymore with old PL hardware. Sometimes, installing the latest version of drivers solve the problem, but in this case, this is the opposite.

The latest version doesn't work anymore with old hardware, and you need to downgrade the driver. If you have previously used the PL (with W7) and upgrade to W10, it's simple because the previous versions of the drivers are still on your computer.

To downgrade, use the configuration panel, choose COM and LPT and right click: the first choice should be 'update driver' (or something similar: sorry, but I've the French version, and hope my translation is understandable). On the next windows, choose the second option 'Look for a driver on my computer'.

Another windows appear, and select the bottom option: 'choose from a list on my computer'. You should now have a list showing all versions of the driver available. By example: - Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port Version: - Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port Version: - Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port Version: You should select the old (from ). Later version, like or report error code I have tried with and and both works with old PL HXA/X hardware.

If you don't have the old versions of drivers, you can tried to install them from the minidisc provided with your product. On mine, I have two programs (32 and 64 bits) called 'PL WIN7 Driver'. Launch this program, it will install the driver. But, as soon as you plug the device on USB port, you W10 will revert to the latest version (). If you watch the configuration panel, you will see the COM port coming OK, but then switch off because of error It don't care, because the old version is now available in the list, and you can proceed as mentioned above. Once manually set, the device driver remain in the release.

Tested on W10 family and pro, 32/64 bits. The solution for old PL HXA/X: use a driver release older than Edit: The procedure above works, but only temporary.

Each time you turn your computer off, the latest driver is reloaded due to windows auto-update (or if you unplug and plug again the device into USB port). To avoid that, a recent turnaround exist and has been published by Microsoft.

It's a tool named ('Show and Hide Update'). It allow to inhibit the auto-update for a particular program or driver (Prolific in our case). For more informations and where to download this tool, take a look at this article: I have tested it and it work fine.

The only problem with it, is that, it reload the latest driver when you plug the device on a never used USB port. So, if you change place of connection, you should manually set the driver to , but you have to do that only the first time you used this port. Next time, the driver remain to and never upgrade to Had the same troubles after WIN10 clean install. My device had chip version PLXA/HXA which according Prolific is EOL and discontinued as of WIN8. Bought new device with PLHXD chip, according Prolific supports WIN10 (32/64bit). Installed driver v 09/04/

All according Prolific 'PL USB-to-Serial Bridge Chip Family Windows Driver Installer User Manual. But error still persists!!!!!!!!!!!!

My device concerned is a GlobalSat USB GPS Receiver type BUS4 with SiRF Star IV GPS chipset. In the meantime action according this guideline was successful: ' If you have an older version of the SiRFDemo, uninstall it and restart your computer. (*Skip this step if you have the current one.) Download and install this latest version (): Run the Sirf Demo software.

Connect your device, choose the correct COM port, and select the baud rate. Go to Action >Download Free - Sm Driver Windows 10 here. Open Data Source. Next, go to Action >Switch to SiRF Protocol. Then, go to Action >Switch to NMEA Protocol.

In the pop-up window, select the baud rate under the Baud Rate and click Send. Close the Sirf Demo software.' Remark: - Check if newer s/w is available. - Do exactly as described above and don’t click or change anything. This tool is for profs. The GPS Receiver works perfectly now under Win10 and the Prolific driver v.


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